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What to do if...?


1. Children are absent from school?

Parents should call the school by 8:30. A note, signed by the parent, should be sent with the child, when he or she returns to school.

2. Children are late for school?

Check in with the school secretary, and bring a note to the teacher.

3. Leaving school property

If you wish to pick up your child, parents are asked to report to the office and we will call your child to meet you there. If children are being picked up by someone other than parents, then a note to that effect must be sent to the school, signed by either parent. If a child is leaving school on their own, then a letter to the school is a must.  At home time, if there is no note about changes to the routine, then the child will go on the bus.

If students have permission to leave school for lunch on a regular basis, then a note must be on file in the office. All students are requested to sign out when leaving and reason, and sign in upon returning.

4. If my child gets sick at school?

Staff will make your child as comfortable as possible, and will try to get in touch with parents in order to be taken home. It is imperative that we have emergency numbers.

5. My child is having difficulty?

Call the school and make an appointment with your child's teacher, as soon as possible.  Remember, that you and the teacher have the same goals ...  the success and happiness of your child.

6. My child is being harassed or bullied?

The child or parent should contact the teacher and/or the principal as soon as possible. This behaviour will not be tolerated.

7. My child wants to bring toys to school?

Toys should be appropriate (sand trucks, soft balls, baseball gloves, etc.). However, if they become lost or stolen, the school cannot be held responsible.

8. What if my child brings valuables?

If money or other valuables are brought to school, they are the responsibility of the parent/child.  If electronic games, Ipod, cell phones  are brought to school, students will be asked to turn off and leave them in their backpacks  till home time. (Unless special trip (7/8 to MSB).

9. Items are lost?

We have a lost and found box. Check here.  Clearly label items belonging to your child please.  We cannot be held responsible for lost items.

10. Bussing

The school will be happy to assist or you can call Transportation Consortium - 705-472-8840

Note: The driver must see that an adult is at home to receive JK/SK students. Otherwise the student will be returned to the school or the bus garage and parent will be called.

11. My child has homework?

The Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops states, "Parents are the primary educators of their children".  Catholic schools can only extend and compliment the educational process which they have begun..." Educational research on excellence in education indicates that the assignment of homework and consistent routines at home for carrying out tasks will improve student achievement.

Homework consists of out-of-class activities that a student is assigned to support classroom work:

Creative: involving research, collecting, building and designing.
Extension: continue/complete work begun in class.
Practice: drill of language, math., and spelling.
Preparation: study for tests, including reading.

Amount of Time




10-20 minutes

20-30 minutes

50-60 minutes

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12. I heard that... so and so... ?

Rumours, innuendo, gossip and hearsay are not fact.  They are designed to hurt and replace fact.  (There are always two sides to every story.)  If you or your child is concerned, please contact the school, before it gets out of hand.

13. Inclement weather?

Cancellation of buses is up to the bus company and the transportation office of the board. Listen to North Bay FM radio stations by 7:00 am for updates.

Here is the NPSC Student Transportation Inclement Weather Document.

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2018/2019 School Calendar Now Available(Posted:4/19/2018)

At the February 27, 2018, NPSC Board meeting, the School Year Calendar was recommended and approved by the Board of Trustees. The school year will begin on Thursday, August 30, 2018 for staff and Tuesday, September 4, 2018 for students. The school year will end on June 28, 2019 for both students and staff. This recommendation has been approved by the Ministry of Education. Please see the attachment below for more information. We would like to thank all parents, community members and staff for their participation.

Student Transportation(Posted:8/7/2018)

Due to the dynamic nature of student transportation, school transportation routes may change from year to year, including route numbers, stop locations and times of service. Parents/guardians are responsible for verifying your child's information is up to date and accurate.

Please click the "read more" link below for more information about how to update your child's information, access stop locations, times of service and more.